Plein Air Paint Out Consulting

Nina Chatham has participated in running a Plein Air Paint Out for the last several years. She has grown her event and brought it to a place where it has become well known and is progressively more profitable for the non-profit organizations it supports.  

There are many factors that contribute to a successful Plein Air event and all are situation dependent. Creating a new event or want to revamp the one you have? Work with Nina and develop new ideas or revise some of what you may be doing to add to your success. She is available to brainstorm with you and discuss what options you may already have that you need to explore, and identify areas where new contacts need to be made. She is also available to you as part of your team as you develop and run your event.  

For more information on the Wekiva Paint Out, held annually at Wekiva Island in Longwood, Florida. This is the event that Nina has participated in and has chaired the last two years. Award winning Plein Air painters from around the country gather for a week and paint all day and hang their paintings in the ‘wet room’ or gallery each evening. There are several events held during the week including an auction, gala, demonstrations, classes, lectures, etc.

Nina comes from an Industrial/Organizational Psychology background and has worked in research and development using critical thinking and problem solving skills. These skills allow her the ability to look at a situation and evaluate it based on the specific environment and its opportunities.

Contact us for more information and to determine what your needs may be.